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Hedgehog Linux

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Appendix A - Generating the ISO

Official downloads of the Hedgehog Linux installer ISO are not provided: however, it can be built easily on an internet-connected Linux host with Vagrant:

The build should work with either the VirtualBox provider or the libvirt provider:

To perform a clean build the Hedgehog Linux installer ISO, navigate to your local Malcolm working copy and run:

$ ./hedgehog-iso/build_via_vagrant.sh -f
Starting build machine...
Bringing machine 'default' up with 'virtualbox' provider...

Building the ISO may take 90 minutes or more depending on your system. As the build finishes, you will see the following message indicating success:

Finished, created "/sensor-build/hedgehog-24.06.0.iso"

Alternately, if you have forked Malcolm on GitHub, workflow files are provided which contain instructions for GitHub to build the docker images and Hedgehog and Malcolm installer ISOs, specifically hedgehog-iso-build-docker-wrap-push-ghcr.yml for the Hedgehog ISO. The resulting ISO file is wrapped in a Docker image that provides an HTTP server from which the ISO may be downloaded.