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Event severity scoring

As Zeek logs are parsed and enriched prior to indexing, a severity score up to 100 (a higher score indicating a more severe event) can be assigned when one or more of the following conditions are met:

As this feature is improved, it is expected additional severity scoring categories will be identified and implemented.

When a Zeek log satisfies more than one of these conditions its severity scores will be summed, with a maximum score of 100. A Zeek log’s severity score is indexed in the event.severity field and the conditions that contributed to its score are indexed in event.severity_tags.

The Severity dashboard

Customizing event severity scoring

The category severity scores can be customized by editing logstash/maps/malcolm_severity.yaml:


Restart Logstash after modifying malcolm_severity.yaml for the changes to take effect.

Severity scoring can be disabled globally by setting the LOGSTASH_SEVERITY_SCORING environment variable to false in the logstash.env file and restarting Malcolm.