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Windows host system configuration

Installing and configuring Docker Desktop for Windows

Installing and configuring Docker to run under Windows must be done manually, rather than through the install.py script as with Linux and macOS.

  1. Be running Windows 10, Version 1903 or higher
  2. Prepare your system and install WSL and a Linux distribution by running wsl --install -d Debian in PowerShell as Administrator (these instructions are tested with Debian, but may work with other distributions)
  3. Install Docker Desktop for Windows either by downloading the installer from the official Docker site or installing it through chocolatey.
  4. Follow the Docker Desktop WSL 2 backend instructions to finish configuration and review best practices
  5. Reboot
  6. Open the WSL distribution’s terminal and run docker info to ensure Docker is running

Finish Malcolm’s configuration

Once Docker is installed, configured, and running as described in the previous section, run ./scripts/configure to finish configuration of the local Malcolm installation. Malcolm will be controlled and run from within your WSL distribution’s terminal environment.